Zero obstacles at no costs to the students

iAM MUSIC creates partnerships with middle schools, high schools, and alternative spaces where we bring music to you. We work with your mission while providing music coaches, quality gear, and a customized curriculum that is socially minded with a focus on college preparation and artist development. iAM MUSIC’s programs remove all obstacles from the equation and creates space for creativity, collaboration, and empowerment.

Free Instrument Rentals

Nobody should be prevented from playing an instrument because they can’t afford one! At iAM MUSIC, we offer free instrument rentals to students and take every possible measure to get the right instrument into each student’s hands.

If you or your child needs an instrument in order to start lessons, please file an Instrument Rental Request using the following link:

Real-world Experience and Mentorship

Interns at iAM MUSIC have direct access to an active collective of professional musicians offering students inspired, real-life networking and performance opportunities, as well as mentorship and camaraderie.

We expose students to hands-on experience in every area of the music industry. This includes learning the language of music through comprehensive theory classes, private lessons, band leadership and management training, songwriting and composition, production, recording, live sound, booking, marketing, business, tour management, and event production. Students will also have the opportunity to explore the fundamentals of music pedagogy if they wish to study iAM MUSIC’s teaching philosophy.

While working with our Internship Coordinator through our Internship Program, each student will identify a personal action plan and accountability platform for achieving each goal. We work side-by-side with middle school and high school evaluation platforms and utilize the Internship Project as a vehicle for career advancement. We will help each student complete the hours necessary for graduation requirements while furnishing opportunities for paid internships, job opportunities, performances, while preparing for music in college. Success is measured by each student’s personal growth in self-actualization, confidence, communication, and professional development, as well as their evolving identity as an artist, career-bound musician or music industry professional.