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A word from our students & parents

Roland MadridStudent
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Music means the world to me. When I first began in 2012, I did not think that I would still be doing it today, but here I am 6 years later. In the past year I have decided that I want to go into a career of music, and with that I began looking into lessons which I had never had prior to January of this year. I chose iAM because I heard my instructor Sam play and immediately wanted to learn from him. iAM and Sam have been a tremendous help with my passion and love for music especially when it comes to Jazz and soloing.
Sean GeraghtyStudent
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Hello my name is Sean Geraghty, I have bean with I Am Music for almost a whole year now. I love the way I Am approaches teaching music; it has worked out wonderfully for me. I really hope I can continue taking lessons from I Am Music.
David S.Student
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IAM Music is very soothing to me. It is like a coping skill. It’s therapeutic. If I am upset it calms me down. The people who teach it are respectful and good people. I learn a lot in iAM Music. I learn how to play instruments how to play songs on them, technology and how to hold the instruments, make melodies, all of it helps me cope.
Levi L.Student
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IAM Music has helped me by teaching me how to play guitar. Learning new stuff about music. They have taught me that music can calm anybody down and it is a coping skill. They came and taught us about new instruments that we haven’t heard about. They came with respect every time they came to teach us how to play.


At our music school, we’re not content with just teaching weekly private lessons. We want to ignite your passion for music and immerse you in our vibrant, thriving ecosystem. When you enter our world, you’re not just a student anymore; you’re a musician, a dreamer, and a visionary who is ready to make their mark on the world. With us, you’ll form deep connections with other like-minded individuals, create powerful music that moves people, and take to the stage with a confidence that comes only from being part of something truly special. So come, join us, and discover the true power of music for yourself.

A music ecosystem is a complex web of interconnected elements that work together to create an environment that supports and nurtures local and aspiring musicians, as well as the community.

At iAM, we provide a space where professional musicians can share their expertise with aspiring musicians, while also using our facilities to rehearse, record, and supplement their income by teaching and mentoring students.

This creates a dynamic network that allows for collaboration and networking opportunities. These connections are then showcased on stage at our various events, which range from smaller songwriter nights to larger festivals that bring in professional musicians from all over the country.

These events not only promote the growth of the music scene but also stimulate the local economy by offering high-quality performances for music lovers in the community.

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We teach all levels from complete beginner to advanced. However,  unlike other music schools, our goal is to immerse our students into our music ecosystem and turn them into creative musicians. This requires a certain level of commitment and dedication. 

Therefor, to maximize our impact and because of studio limitations, we do not take students under the age of 13.

We offer free instrument rentals for people in need of an instrument to practice.

Please check out our “Free Instrument Rental” section to apply for a rental.

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