Terms and conditions

Ongoing Private Lessons

Ongoing private lessons are available for $62.50 per hour lesson, $47 per 45 minute lesson or $31.25 per 30 minute lesson. To enroll in these lessons, students must commit to 2 months of weekly lessons and have a payment method on file for automatic monthly billing on the 1st of the month following the month the lessons were scheduled.

Weekly private lessons will be scheduled based on the availability of the instructor. If a student needs to cancel a lesson, they can schedule a makeup lesson within 1 month of the canceled lesson. If the student’s preferred instructor is unavailable for a makeup lesson, another instructor will be assigned until the preferred instructor is available. Alternatively, the student can receive a refund credited to their account if the lesson can not be rescheduled within 1 month with any iAM MUSIC instructor.

A La Carte Private Lessons

You can choose to pay for lessons as you go with no two month commitment for $70 per hour lesson, $52.50 per 45 minute lesson or $35 per 30 minute lesson. You have the flexibility to book lessons at your convenience with the instructor of your choice, based on their availability and open studio space. If you cancel a lesson less than 48 hours before the scheduled time, you will not receive a refund. However, in the case of an emergency or sickness, you can reschedule with a makeup credit.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are a la carte lessons for only 2 students. This is a pay as you go with no commitment for $80 per hour lesson for the group or $40 per 30 minute lesson for the group.

Band Coaching Lessons

Group lessons, formerly known as band coaching lessons, are for 3 or more students. Students in group lessons must commit to at least 3 months of group lessons. Group lessons are scheduled either for 1 hour lessons at $120 tuition per month per student, or 1.5 hour lessons at $150 tuition per month per student. Group lesson tuition is charged monthly with an average of 4 rehearsals per month. 


Each group is assigned a group instructor, but if the instructor is unavailable for 1 of the 4 rehearsals per month, a substitute group instructor will be assigned. In the case that a month has 5 rehearsal dates based upon the day that it falls in the calendar year, the instructor can choose to take a week off from teaching or bank that extra rehearsal for a vacation day later in the year. In the case that a month has only 3 rehearsal dates, a class can be extended to make up the duration of the missed class time or the class can be made up in a month that has 5 rehearsal dates. Group instructors have full discretion to decide the group lesson rehearsal schedule.


Group performances such as a student showcase performance will count as one of your rehearsals. Rehearsals follow the Durango School District 9-R calendar and are not held during national holidays, Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, and spring break. If most of the class can’t attend a regular rehearsal, the instructor may cancel it without offering makeup credits.

Scholarship Policy:

If you’re interested in a scholarship, you’ll need to fill out an application on our website. Your eligibility for the scholarship and the scholarship amount depends on your household size, household income, and the number of classes and lessons you’re requesting assistance for. Applying for a scholarship does not guarantee being granted a scholarship. We rarely award full ride scholarships, and we require students to have a strong work ethic and reasonable practice methods in order to be eligible for a scholarship. After 2 months of group or private lessons, we may increase the scholarship amount based on merit and demonstrated commitment to lessons. Scholarships are available for all types of lessons, including ongoing private lessons, a la carte lessons, a la carte group lessons, and group lessons. 

If you are a scholarship student and take private lessons, you are limited to 1×30 minute lesson per week. If you are a scholarship student and you take more than 2 hours of lessons as a full ride scholarship student, then we expect you to volunteer 30 minutes back.

Free Instrument Policy

We offer free access to instruments in our library to current iAM MUSIC Institute students depending on availability. To check out an instrument, you’ll need to provide a $100 deposit. The deposit is refunded upon the return of the instrument as long as it is in the same condition that it was rented. We reserve the right to keep the deposit if the instrument is damaged or not returned within 6 months. Students can keep the instrument for a maximum of six months in order to decide if they want to continue learning said instrument. We can help you find the right instrument to purchase, and we often have deals on used quality gear to replace your free instrument after the 6 month loan.

Lesson Credit Expiration

If you have prepaid for lessons at iAM MUSIC, the lessons need to be used within 1 year of purchase. If they are not used within 1 year of purchase or a refund has not been requested, the lesson credits will expire and no longer be eligible for use or refund.

Discontinuation of Lessons

iAM MUSIC reserves the right to discontinue lessons if the student has an unpaid lesson balance past due of 90 days. If the student becomes current with lesson payments, we will consider rescheduling lessons based on availability, however the student will not be guaranteed their preferred teacher and lesson time.

Late Fees for Lesson Payments

A 10% late fee will be automatically charged for lessons that are overdue for 15 days.

8-Pack Transfers

All 8-Pack credits will be grandfathered into the new billing system, My Music Staff, after May lessons have been deducted from the 8-pack credits. They will be applied at the new rate as a thank you from iAM MUSIC for your involvement with our music education programs.