iAM MUSIC Institute

Ashley Edwards

Vocal & Songwriting instructor




Hi 👋 I have been curating a lifestyle as a multi-passionate artist & creative professional for over 10 years. My experience as a vocalist, musician, and artist has taken me on adventures all over the world and I have had been honored to collaborate with incredibly beautiful creatives. My current music projects include Loki Moon, Hello Dollface, The Honey Society, Le Muria and Trees Speak. Simultaneously, I have balanced my flow as an artist with other archetypes - like founder/entrepreneur and creative director with branding, copy, and managing creative content and digital assets for multiple clients and channels, and have been coaching bands, artists, and vocalists, as well as producing festivals, events, while developing a non-profit music ecosystem for over a decade. I am an artist and musician in all that I pursue. My intention is to create beauty, connection, and light in the world 🌍 In addition, I am a founder and entrepreneur, mentor, and vocal coach. My passion for spirit, personal evolution, performance, culture, and empowering the collective has led me on an incredible journey. I love activating creatives, working with the power of voice and authentic expression.


Founder of iAM

Ashley cofounded iAM MUSIC with Jesse Ogle in 2013

Active professional musician

Touring and recording with Loki Moon and Hello Dollface

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